Q 1.What is the role of CCS NIAH?

A 1. Role of CCSNIAH is quality assurance & quality control testing of different veterinary biologicals being manufactured in the country.

Q 2. Who all will be benefited by CCS NIAH?

A2. All the State Biologicals/ Central/ Public/ Private Manufacturers of veterinary vaccines will be benefited.

Q 3.What is the procedure for sending samples to CCS NIAH for testing?

A 3. Prior to sending samples for consent from CCS NIAH is to be obtained in appropriate.lt filled quality control request form (Form-IA). Once consent is received from the institute, samples may be submitted along with duly filled vaccine receiving form(Form-IIA).

Q 4. What will be the minimum time required for testing of a vaccine?

A 4.Minimum time will be the time schedule as per Standard Operative procedures (SOPs) for that particular vaccine.

Q 5.What testing protocols are being followed at CCS NIAH?

A 5. Detailed and exhaustive validated SOPs as per IP-2018 are being followed in reference with Drugs & Cosmetic Act 1945.

Q 6.Who is to be contacted in case of any further query?

A6.Director/Vaccine Testing Co-ordinator (Contact No. 0121-2222472 or 09410120601).