Administrative block

For biosecurity reasons, Administrative block is separated from the Laboratory block. In administrative block, office of the Director, administration and accounts, stores, library, conference hall and a small canteen are located.



Institute has a small library unit in administrative block comprising of books, journals, magazines and newspaper. A total 140 books pertaining to various fields such as administrations,veterinary medicine, microbiology, pathology, poultry disease,quality control testing, are available in the library.For the current information in the field of quality control testing various scientific journals are also subscribed.


Conference hall

There is an air conditioned small conference room in the institute with a capacity of seating 30 people for conducting meeting, seminars and events. 1

Guest house

The Institute has a well furnished guest house having two double bed AC rooms, and two double bed non AC rooms, for the comfortable stay of the guest with boarding facilities.


Residential complex

CCS National Institute of Animal Health campus consist of residential area comprise of Director’s resident and residential flats Type-II, Type-III, and Type-IV category.There are six quarters in Type-II and Type-III and twelve quarters in Type-IV category.


Internet facility , Wi-Fi Campus

Internet connection is provided through wi-fi within the campus to enable users connect to the network for official works and other applications.